Modern day humans with enhanced senses, skilled with technology, power armor and advanced tech weapons.

The race once called humans originated on the world of Url. Fleeing the effects of an atomic holocaust, they spread out into the galaxy, founding numerous small states, many of which eventually combined to form the major Anthropos states of today.


Anthropos have evolved considerably from their human ancestors. Most stand over six feet and weigh around 200 pounds. Their musculature and skeletal system are more advanced than an ordinary humans, and have higher endurance. They have lost almost all body hair, retaining only head and (in males) facial hair. Anthropos‘ skin, hair and eye coloration show the same variation as their ancestors.


Most Anthropos cover their entire bodies with clothing, save hands and head, although this may vary according to climate and cultural norms. Hats and helmets are also worn frequently. Jewelry is worn by both sexes as a symbol of wealth and status. Sometimes special pieces of jewelry, such as rings, collars, headbands or necklaces are worn to symbolize membership in a special group or fraternity. Anthropos prefer to wear at least partial body armor in combat. Suits of powered armor with ranged weapons are favored, often used in conjunction with energy shields. Such equipment can make an ordinary Anthropos the equal of even a Calemora dragon in combat.


A typical Anthropos can lift over 300 pounds of dead weight, sprint at speeds as high as 25 mph, and broad jump 20 feet or more. Despite Anthropos‘ impressive physique, their greatest assets are and always have been their Intelligence, curiosity and luck. Senses Anthropos‘ sight and hearing have also advanced considerably. Hearing range is nearly equal to that of a normal dog, while vision is as sharp as some birds. Taste is probably the Anthropos‘ most sophisticated sense; Anthropos meals are considered delicacies by many species. The weakest sense is that of smell, although some genetically-enhanced Anthropos are used in The Empire as intelligent tracking and hunting animals. Communications Anthropos communicate verbally, and over the centuries have developed many complex and subtle languages. Today, most Anthropos in the Guild know Guildspeak, and a few can communicate psionically. Activity


Most Anthropos are diurnal, although considerable variation exists, with some sleeping during daylight and staying awake all night. Most of this race prefer to sleep for eight hours and remain active for 16, though this cycle may change depending upon the cycle of the world they inhabit. Anthropos eat two to five meals per day, usually immediately before and after sleep periods. They are omnivorous and prefer to consume liquids with meals and between. Powers The Anthropos species has no special powers, but their advanced technology makes up for the deficiency.


Anthropos are one of the most technologically advanced races in the Guild. They also have access to both Cybernetics and Biotechnology, and are extremely adaptable, developing technologies of other races and turning them to their own use. Combat In battle, most Anthropos like to keep their distance and enhance personal safety. Long range energy weapons and armored vehicles are preferred, but armored infantry forms an important segment of Anthropos military technology. There is no special code of honor among the Anthropos as a whole, although individual fighters or groups may have such things. In most cases, however, Anthropos have no qualms about annihilating an outgunned enemy; a “fair fight” is considered foolish by Anthropos strategists. Open conflict is usually viewed as a last resort, usually the result of failure in communications. When given a choice, an Anthropos will usually sit down and negotiate rather than fight. Anthropos are notoriously reluctant to enter a fight in which they do not have the advantage.

Personality and CultureEdit

As a race, the Anthropos are one of the most divergent and varied groups known, making it difficult to generalize. For the most part, Anthropos tend to be ruled by emotion, although rational thought and logic are valued. Most decisions, however, are made on the basis of what an Anthropos might call ―gut feeling‖ rather than logic. Anthropos are curious, inquisitive and, in many cases, downright nosy. Scientists love prying into things which are considered forbidden or imponderable. Explorers and adventurers love to push the boundaries of Known Space. Artists and writers strive to be different and unique. Anthropos are a highly social race. While solitary individuals exist, most Anthropos cannot survive for long without contact with others. They offer and accept friendship readily, but committed friendship is a valuable thing. Most Anthropos even enjoy the company of aliens, once they have overcome initial surprise or revulsion at an alien‘s appearance. Emotions such as love can be intense — it is said that wars have been started over love. Over time, this intensive form of love usually evolves into a less intense form, which still may remain quite strong depending on the individuals involved. Many marriage practices exist throughout Anthropos space. In some, the father is considered the provider and protector, while the mother is primarily responsible for child- rearing. In others, domestic duties and responsibilities are shared equally. In still other cases, females may be heads of households. As with most other aspects of Anthropos society, the only consistent feature is inconsistency. Race- and species-hatred is considerably less common in Anthropos than in their human ancestors. Ideally, an Anthropos feels that all races and species are equal, or at least hold the potential of equality, and that discrimination or hatred based on race or species is wrong. In reality, of course, the same variations exist as have always existed. While there is little racism within the Anthropos species, most Anthropos feel that their species is superior to all others, although they do a good job of hiding this. Like all other aspects of Anthropos society, their religion runs the gamut from out-and-out atheism to complex polytheistic cultures with ancient histories and endless pantheons. Individual Anthropos planets often have dozens of religions competing for followers, each claiming to be the one true faith. In the past, Anthropos society has been torn by bitter religious wars, but today most faiths are willing to live and let live.


Individual motivations for Anthropos are typically the desire for financial independence, personal power or freedom, accumulation of possessions, self-preservation and curiosity. Species motivations include the exploration of space, treaties with or the containment of other races, freedom of galactic travel, species preservation and technological advancement.

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