Beast MasterEdit

Uses natural weapons (punch, bite, etc.) and shape changes into animal forms and can summon a small and medium animal helper.

Bio GunnerEdit

BioTech ranged fighter with unusual skills with the plant side of nature.

Bio WarriorEdit

BioTech melee fighter with unusual talents having to do with life and healing.

Night SpawnEdit

A dark class that likes to hunt their prey and terrorize it for days before killing. Have unusual abilities with BioTech armor.


Outdoorsman or border patrol able to summon a large significant pet to aide them.


Cyber WarriorEdit

Cybernetic implants and weapons, hard to kill.


A tank that focuses on never dying.


Honorable guardian style warrior.

High TechEdit

Bounty HunterEdit

Experts at non-lethal combat, capture, and solo missions of stealth and survival.


Heavy weapon melee advanced tech warrior with limited healing abilities. Very cavalier.


Heavy advanced tech weapons and armor, mostly ranged weapons, designed to assault compounds or transports.


Advanced tech personal assault fighter, the commando of the future.


Sniper says it all.

Martial ArtsEdit


Master Swordsman, high damage but little focus on defenses.

Catong DragonEdit

Martial arts wizard.

Catong WarriorEdit

Similar to Samurai.

Death StalkerEdit

A one on one judicial assassin, very bound by code and honor.


Heavy melee combatant, like the barbarians of old.

High GuardEdit

Trapeze and rafter fighters who prefer to never touch the ground during combat.

Power UsersEdit


Masters of mental manipulation and force fields.


Use the power of psychosomatics to modify their bodies, shape change, and fight with light melee weapons, very good at martial arts.

Shadow ThiefEdit

An expert thief that uses powers of the mind to add to their effects.


Acrobatic honor bound fighters who can manipulate several forces to move objects.


A professional battle mage.


A dark assassin that dabbles into the Sorce to aid in their work.

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