I have seven rich races for players to choose from.


Modern day humans with enhanced senses, skilled with technology, power armor and advanced tech weapons. [1]

The race once called humans originated on the world of Url. Fleeing the effects of an atomic holocaust, they spread out into the galaxy, founding numerous small states, many of which eventually combined to form the major Anthropos states of today.


Medieval race of stocky martial arts humans, no emotions, adept at psychosomatics, good martial arts warriors . [2]

Calemoran history goes back over 25,000 years. Theirs is not a technological culture — they have no advanced tools, and their way of life has not changed in over 100 centuries. This does not, however, mean that Calemoran culture is stagnant. While other races improve their devices and technologies, the Calemora improve their bodies, becoming one of the most physiologically advanced species in Guildspace.


Brutal lizard-man race, lovers of cybernetics. [3]


Gross, insectoid race with a hard carapace that uses biotechnology, excellent bio-gunners and bio-warriors. [4]


Mysterious ghost like race that posess a full body cloak, powerful users of the Sorce. [5]


A race of liquid metal beings with advanced technical skills. [6]


A race of automatons or ATMs (robots) that appears to have acquired sentience. [7]

Zin-Shee FemaleEdit

Feline race, athletic and adept at Psionics. [8]

Zin-Shee MaleEdit

Ferocious feline race very athletic, acrobatic, and skilled at martial arts and melee combat. [9]

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