Welcome to the MetaScape Game WikiEdit

Welcome to the MetaScape II™ Roleplaying System. More than a game, the MetaScape II™ System is a hobby and an unparalleled experience, spanning time, space and the limits of your imagination. Scaping harnesses the most powerful force in the universe — the power of human thought and imagination! Through Scaping, thought and imagination can create worlds and universes undreamed of, and catapult you to adventure beyond your wildest imagination. Read on, and learn how!

Living GameEdit

As a living game, you will find some odd differences from most systems. There will be editing anomalies everywhere. With over 650 pages, when a small rule is tweaked, it is often difficult to make the appropriate change throughout the entire set of booklets. Thus, you will run into typos, contradictions, etc. We are currently working too minimize these as our top priority. This is a ―living game. It breathes, grows, mutates, and changes. But, at this point, it is mostly being edited for clarity and consistency and expanded upon (adding more skills, equipment, powers, etc. to the already large list).

Latest activityEdit

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